If There's a Will
There's a Wave

Whalecome! We strive to inspire you in a million ways possible that will put a cleaner impact on our World for future generations to sea.

We Otter Tell You Our Story

Sea The World was created in 2017 when a 19 year old realized she wanted to give her life more meaning and purpose. Within her life she always had a special connection to the ocean; her favorite animal and fascination has always been in sea turtles. She started college in 2015 with a major in Biology, upon the many labs and lectures she was always more interested in the functioning of sealife. This lead to her choice to take a year off to work towards her goal to change her major to marine biology and to go to a college that will help her maintain her focus. She took this year to start her own page to inspire and teach others about the ocean and the beautiful creatures that flow within it. 

Footprints in the Sand

People tend to lack to see their impact they have on the Earth. It is much like leaving your footprint in the sand, you see it when you do it but then the ocean washes it away.; you do something like littering or something you may not notice is harmful and then you are not there to see the effects that it has on the Earth, it's just washed away out of your mind.